A mother of two has launched a yoga yoga pants company in a bid to combat her maternity yoga slump.

The company, Tantra Yoga, launched in June and is offering its latest product, the yoga warrior pose.

Ms Pongkha says the pose is a perfect fit for her because she can sit comfortably on the mat while stretching and lifting her legs up for yoga classes.

The yoga warrior poses are one of the latest in a long line of yoga poses Ms Pongsakha has tried to incorporate into her life.

She started out doing yoga yoga as a way to relax after a long day of working at a cafe.

But she now works from home and has taken to the poses to get her mind off the baby.

“I feel like a new person every time I do it,” Ms Ponsakha said.

“It feels great to do it every time.

It’s not like going to the gym or anything.

“If you don’t like yoga, you just go home.” “

Ms Pondsakha says yoga has helped her to relax, but she’s also found the poses uncomfortable at times. “

If you don’t like yoga, you just go home.”

Ms Pondsakha says yoga has helped her to relax, but she’s also found the poses uncomfortable at times.

“Sometimes I feel like I have to stand on the floor,” she said.

It can be hard to sit at home while yoga is on.

She says she has found that yoga poses can feel like too much of a chore, but says she’s found it relaxing.

“Every time I get in my yoga mat, I feel really good,” she says.

“So, it’s very relaxing.

It feels good to do.”

Tantra is hoping to eventually make the yoga pose available in stores.

The poses can be purchased on the company’s website.

Ms Patten says the poses are designed for mothers to get more out of their day and can be enjoyed at home as well.

“They’re designed to be relaxed and you can enjoy it at home and it’s really easy to do,” she explains.

“The poses are not really designed for the mother to sit on the yoga mat and take her back to her home.”

It’s a lot easier to sit in a chair or a chair and put on the shirt.

Ms Patton says. “

With yoga, there’s no tension, there are no muscles involved, you don-you can just get in there and do it, you know?”

Ms Patton says.

Ms Panten says yoga is a great option for a mother who is tired of feeling stressed.

She also says it has helped to give her baby a good start to life.

“We can get our kids to do yoga, it can help them get their brain moving, and that’s really important,” Ms Panton says

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