When yoga was invented, it had just two things in common with other ancient forms of yoga: it was a form of self-medication, and it was primarily a meditation practice.

It was also an art form, and so the word yoga was born.

In ancient India, it was not uncommon for a yogi to have his head shaved, or to wear a mask.

The idea of yoga came from the ancient Greek physician and philosopher Hippocrates.

Hippocrates wrote a book on the art of self defence called On the Diseases of the Soul, and in it he described the art as a form for people to practise self-control, so that they could avoid the ravages of disease.

But for many people in the 19th century, yoga was perceived as a means to a much darker purpose.

There was an idea that it was an art practice, and that the practitioners were actually performing some kind of ritual.

This idea was reinforced by the idea that yoga was about self-discipline, and was therefore, in fact, a form or meditation.

So when yoga became a thing in the early 20th century and became associated with modern western yoga, this notion of the yoga being something that is purely a practice, or a spiritual discipline, began to lose its appeal.

And so the idea of what we know today as yoga as a spiritual practice began to be replaced by the notion of yoga as something that was a meditation.

Yoga is now a thing The first modern use of the word “yoga” is probably in the work of the Russian mystic Aleister Crowley, who was a follower of Aleister Poussin, the 19-year-old mystic who was accused of being a fraud in the 16th century.

Crowley claimed to be able to heal the sick and to cure disease.

He was the father of modern yoga.

In his book The Power of Yoga, Crowley described the power of the body as the “gift of the sun”, and said that if you could get rid of the “sickness” in your body, then you could transform your whole body.

And he said that the best way to get rid: to transform your soul.

The fact that yoga became associated specifically with the idea or practice of self discipline, however, did not stop people from claiming that it meant something spiritual.

So in the 20th and 21st centuries, the word was applied to various aspects of modern life: the gym, the yoga studios, yoga classes.

It’s now become part of the vocabulary of our daily lives.

The word “body yoga” has now become synonymous with yoga, and the idea has been embraced by many people who are not necessarily interested in being spiritually aware, or who are interested in having a healthy body, and who are also not necessarily involved in yoga as part of their spiritual practice.

The concept of body yoga is being used in a way that’s quite a bit different than what we used to think of it as, and I think it’s been quite effective at making a connection between the yoga as an art, as something really spiritual, and yoga as, in a very modern way, a practice that has been part of people’s everyday lives.

When the word came into the mainstream, there were several things that were considered problematic about it.

One of them was that the word body meant, literally, ‘skin’.

It’s actually quite a derogatory word, but we use it to refer to any part of someone’s body, to say, “He’s a skinhead”.

And so this idea of the physical body being this ‘skin’, and the word ‘yoga’ being this physical practice, was something that we’d really, really, hated.

It seemed very anti-spiritual.

So the term “body-consciousness” was invented in the late 20th Century to describe how we would not only stop referring to our body as “the body”, but also to the idea in our everyday lives that we’re not actually living on the body.

It became part of what people called “the Body of Yoga”.

It’s a very powerful term.

It has been adopted by a lot of people who would never have considered it before, because we don’t use the word in everyday life.

The other thing that was considered problematic was the idea from the early 21st Century that yoga would have any kind of a positive effect on the world.

This was something we thought was very, very far-fetched.

We would think, for example, that a group of people might come together to do some yoga.

And that they would have some kind, positive, health effect.

And the idea was that if they did this, it would benefit everybody.

However, the evidence from the last couple of decades has been very clear.

There’s no doubt that yoga has a lot to offer the world, and

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