My kid loves to take a few minutes in the middle of the day to do a little yoga.

When I was doing it with my daughter, I thought it was so relaxing.

When we came home from the studio after practice, she asked, “Mom, can I take a 30-minute class?”

It’s a wonderful idea and she does it in a few days.

But if your child is already a yoga instructor, there are some key things to keep in mind: 1.

Don’t get your yoga teacher in trouble for not showing up on time.

Don.t. expect your yoga instructor to show up on your childs yoga appointment.

It is best to get an appointment and schedule a class when you are home and your child can do yoga without any problem.


Make sure you get a full yoga class.

You want to have your yoga class on the same day your child will be on a yoga class for the rest of the week.

So you should make sure you have the space available, have all your equipment, and be able to accommodate your child’s needs.


Make your child feel comfortable and relaxed in the class.

Don:t just be happy that your child gets a little time off.

When you can do your yoga session, do it!

When your child feels comfortable and calmer, he will be able focus on practicing.


Take your time and have a good class.

Your child will enjoy the yoga practice, but it will take at least an hour and a half to finish.

You might need to ask your child to wait while you take care of other yoga practices for the first few weeks.


Have fun and be sure to check in with your child on a regular basis.

It’s okay to ask, “Why do you want to do this yoga class?”

But remember that your yoga practice is not an afterthought.

If you need to remind your child, do that.

If your child isn’t interested in yoga, or you want him to change his mind, ask him, “Can I see you at the studio?”

If you want your child not to start practicing yoga, make sure that you: 1.)

Keep your child grounded.

The best way to help your child relax is to teach him the basics and allow him to play outside while you work on yoga practice.


Make sure your child understands that you don’t have to show him every class and pose, that you can still talk to him and give him feedback on his practice.


Allow your child time to be comfortable and not worry about practicing.

If he doesn’t enjoy the class, make it fun.

Donate a yoga mat to your child and make sure your yoga studio has one.


Remember that you are in charge of your child.

Your yoga class will help him develop confidence in his own abilities.

But when you teach him, do so in a positive, nurturing way that respects your childís feelings and gives him the space he needs to learn the art of yoga.

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