The world is entering a new era of yoga in the marketplace, and one company is taking advantage of it by creating a mat that’s as big as a 50-foot tall elephant and 100 feet long.

The company, Yoga Mats, has announced that it has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its Yoga Mat 100, a 100-meter-long mat with the capacity to support up to 50 people at a time.

At $20,500, the Yoga Mat would cost a company $1.5 million in total.

The campaign was launched today on Indiegogo.

“This mat is the culmination of more than 20 years of work by my co-founders, Nathan and Jana, to make a mat we can all be proud of,” said Yoga Mats co-founder Nathan Stirling.

“It is a mat made for the yoga practitioner and its design is meant to be the ultimate in comfort and convenience for anyone with a busy schedule or a desire to get fit.”

The mat is made of a blend of bamboo and bamboo fibers that is able to withstand the elements.

It is constructed of a single layer of fiber that provides a more rigid, less prone to flexing structure and is waterproof, with a mesh mesh liner.

The fiber is designed to help keep the mat’s shape and strength during heavy use.

The mat has been designed to offer a wide range of sizes and features, with the goal of creating a durable, versatile mat that is affordable, portable, and flexible.

The Yoga Mat’s design is also made of the same high-quality bamboo fibers as its predecessor, which the company says provides the mat with additional strength, durability, and flexibility.

The yoga mat would have a maximum weight of 10.5 kilograms (20 pounds) when fully extended, and could be easily packed into a bag for travel.

It has been specifically designed to be folded up, and a removable side panel is designed so that it can be used to store or display yoga mats.

It can also be folded to the sides, allowing the mat to be carried in a backpack, or tucked away in a pocket.

The Yoga Mat is expected to be ready to ship in the first quarter of 2019, with orders expected to start in early 2020.

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