How I became a yoga teacher.

A dog.

In the kitchen.

The dog.


A yoga outfit.

An Indian woman named Anu Nair told me how a yoga clothes she bought at the Indian market changed my dog’s life.

I wanted to buy a yoga suit but it didn’t have any tags.

I thought it was just a cute outfit.

I was wrong.

Anu Nairs, who has since passed on to yoga, has a website and a Facebook page dedicated to teaching yoga.

She teaches at several local yoga schools, including the New York-based Vindhya Yoga Academy.

She says she has a personal connection to yoga because she has had to undergo surgery and is currently undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer.

She told me she started teaching yoga at age five.

It’s a way to connect with yourself and to share your feelings.

I used to just be in the house, in the kitchen, watching TV and eating.

She started teaching when she was eight and started at 14.

She had to go to India with her family because she couldn’t get to school there.

I remember the day I first came.

She was there and she was very excited to teach me, but I had to get home first.

I started walking around the house and then we started walking in the park.

She told me about yoga, about her practice and about the importance of breathing.

She also talked about the differences between yoga and meditation, and about what she called the yogic body.

So I was fascinated.

She taught me the basic elements of yoga and how to get the most out of the poses.

She gave me some pointers on how to do the exercises, and we learned how to be mindful, how to use our body.

We were able to have a very positive impact on our dog’s health.

We’ve been able to teach yoga to our dog, but she hasn’t stopped teaching me how to teach it to her.

She still loves teaching me.

Anushna Nair says her yoga classes are very gentle and welcoming.

It is not about giving you something to do or to feel good about, but it’s about bringing you back to your original state of mind.

So she wants to teach the art of meditation, so that it can help people feel better, to help them achieve balance, to give them a sense of self, and to make them feel more connected to their surroundings.

She said she is the first yoga teacher in the world to be recognized for teaching a class, and she has become the face of yoga worldwide.

She’s been a yoga ambassador, she is on the cover of the yoga magazine, and on her own website she’s been talking about yoga for the last six years.

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