I was born in the West Bank, a country that’s been divided and terrorized for years.

In this moment, I want a country where no one is afraid of death.

But it’s been too long since I’ve had a chance to see the land that Israel is called to protect and restore.

So I’m not going to wait for the next election, I’m going to go to work.

I’m working as a rabbi and am raising my family.

I’ve learned so much about the country I’ve lived in.

My father, who was a rabbi, died in the Holocaust.

He was born near the town of Duma in the Jordan Valley and raised as an Israeli.

I was one of his only sons.

I know the horrors and the injustice he endured.

He wanted to see my parents and grandparents again.

He even had a photograph of them taken.

My dad was a devout Jew, but we grew up in a Muslim community.

He never met anyone who was not Jewish.

My grandfather is a doctor who worked in Tel Aviv and lived in the same town as my father.

I grew up with all of them.

I have never had the opportunity to see what happened to them and how they’ve been left behind.

And yet, they were all part of a family and part of the history of this country.

I want this generation of Jews to feel the pain of the past and have the courage to live their lives.

My brother is a teacher who has lived in Hebron, in the southern part of Jerusalem.

He’s a Christian and has taught in Hebria for 40 years.

He said that Israel needs to move beyond the divide and start rebuilding.

He has never had a Palestinian child, and his children will be part of Israel’s future.

We’ve also seen the rise of right-wing nationalist parties.

These parties want to take Israel back.

They’re not interested in peace.

They are opposed to the state of Israel.

I believe they have no future.

And I know what it’s like to grow up in the most brutal environment in the world, to have your parents murdered and your brother murdered, to be separated from your family.

My family was very fortunate to have grown up with love and support from my parents.

They gave me the courage and the love that made me who I am today.

They taught me that we are one people, that we have to work together to build a stronger Israel and a more secure world.

I wanted to learn how to be the best possible citizen of my country, to serve and serve God and serve the country.

And so I decided to work to rebuild my country.

It took me many years to learn Hebrew, learn how the Bible is read, how to recite the Lord’s Prayer and the prayer of our ancestors.

I am now an ordained rabbi, and I’m doing my part to ensure the Jewish state that I’m living in is restored to its rightful place.

My brothers and sisters, we have the responsibility to make this happen.

The Jewish state is a symbol of hope for all of us, not just those living in Israel.

It represents our shared future, the promise of our Jewish identity and the hope of the Jewish people.

It’s a sign of hope and hope alone.

It is a reminder that there are no borders in Israel and the promise is that we will be able to live and live together as a people.

We will rebuild our home, our homeland, our democracy, and we will live together in peace and security.

I hope that all of you, young and old, will make the effort to work toward a just and secure future.

Thank you.

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