When I was a teenager, I was squatting a lot.

In fact, I would squat as often as I could.

At the time, my coach told me to keep my body upright by keeping your knees bent.

I remember sitting on the floor and watching my feet, legs and torso go limp.

I was like, “I’m going to have to get my butt to a 90 degree angle before I can squat.

It’s going to take a long time.”

At the age of 25, I started to squat a lot more.

I started working out and starting to get more and more athletic.

I had to learn to stand with my feet and hips still together and not get my knees bent and not push my hips out so much.

I became more confident and my confidence increased.

I decided to take my squat and other sports seriously and started to train harder.

I think I finally started to learn how to squat properly and get stronger.

The truth is, I never got stronger.

I just got stronger in a very positive way.

When I squat, I have the freedom to be myself and just do what I want to do.

If I want a big squat, then I squat big.

If not, I squat small.

If it’s hard to get into a position, I will sit down, take a few deep breaths, and squat with the back against the wall.

If the position is difficult to get, I’ll lie on my back and use my knees to help me stand up.

That’s how I learned to squat.

That freedom has been one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned as a person and a coach.

I believe that being strong and getting stronger is about being honest and being humble.

If you want to learn more about how to strengthen your body, you can get started with my 5-Day Squat Program.

In the video above, I talk about how I squat in a number of different positions and I also share some of the exercises that I do with my students.

In this video, you’ll see the first step to getting stronger, but I also teach how to learn the squat position and how to use the right form to get the most out of the squat.

In addition, I share a few other exercises and how they can help your squat.


References This video is part of a series called The 5- Day Squat.

Learn more about the 5-day squat and see the videos below.

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