By Polygon Staff Writer In a few weeks, Yoga for Life will open its doors to the public.

The event, the third in its year, will be held at a downtown yoga studio.

It is the brainchild of one of New York City’s best-known yoga instructors, Joy B. Bhatt, who was born in India.

BH and her wife, Shari Bhatt had been teaching for years in their home country of India.

They now teach at the Brooklyn Yoga Center and the Yoga & Fitness Center, both of which are located in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, and Brooklyn Heights.

As with many yoga studios, the Bhatts are equipped with the latest equipment.

The Brooklyn Yoga studio, which will be the host of Yoga for Lifetime, has a sleek, high-tech space.

The room has two high-end seats and a full-size yoga mat.

It has a projector, a projector light, a large screen, and a wall of monitors that are all in-line with the size of the studio.

A few seats away from the mat, you’ll find a huge screen, which is also in line with the space.

As we walked in, the instructor explained that we were about to meet Joy Bhatt.

She introduced us to her and said that she’d been teaching at the studio for about five years.

She said that Joy is a huge inspiration to her.

She told me about how her husband, Shri Bhatt was also an Indian-American who had been a teacher at the Yoga for Women Academy, which she founded in 2004.

The Bhatt’s first yoga studio was opened in 2007, but the studio is still running.

Bhat said that her first lesson was for about seven or eight people.

After that, she gave classes to a couple of hundred people.

When I asked Bhat if the number of people who had come to the studio was different from the years before, she told me that in 2010, they had over 3,000 people, and that this year, it will be over 4,000.

Bh told me how they’d worked hard to make sure that they were as accessible to as many people as possible.

When the studio opened, Bhat and her husband were surprised by the huge number of students who came.

She thought that this was the best time to open it.

After we had sat down, we talked about a few other things that we’d like to do together in the future.

After talking for a bit, I asked her what she thought about the fact that many yoga classes in New York are run by men.

Bhe said that most yoga studios are run not by women, and women teach at most of the ones that are.

“Most of our classes are taught by women,” Bhe explained.

“But most of our students are women.”

Joy Bhat Joy Bhet, who has been teaching yoga since the age of 13, has been a yoga instructor for nearly five years, and the Brooklyn yoga studio she is the host to, in her Brooklyn home, has more than 3,300 seats.

She taught at the yoga studio for more than five years until the studios opening in 2010.

She says that many people do not know what it means to be an independent teacher, which makes her feel really proud of what she has achieved in this field.

“It’s a great challenge, it’s a huge challenge, and I’ve worked my ass off,” Joy Bhed said.

“I’ve taught hundreds of people, from beginners to advanced, from very young kids to very old people.

I’ve had a lot to do with that.

But the basic things that I feel, I do because I feel the need to. “

There are so many things that are happening in yoga that I can’t explain.

But the basic things that I feel, I do because I feel the need to.

It’s not a thing that I’ve developed a discipline for.

It comes naturally to me.

It doesn’t come naturally to anybody else.”

She added, “I’m so excited that we’re finally getting to open the Brooklyn studio.

I hope that we can help to spread the joy of yoga around the city.

We know that the yoga world is really hungry for more.

We have a lot more to teach, and we are very excited about it.”

Bhe continued, “One thing that we know is that the majority of people that come to yoga do not really know how to do yoga.

They don’t really know what they’re doing.

But they also don’t know that yoga is so much about yoga.

It can also be about other things.

It means a lot for people that don’t practice yoga.

There’s a lot that we want to teach them, and there’s a whole bunch that we don’t teach that

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