Yog Sothoth uses a $10,000 yoga mat and the $100,000 credit card she earned to pay for a baby yoga mat.

It’s one of the perks of owning a $100 million investment portfolio.

Sothoths first baby yoga studio was built with a $1 million investment.

(CBC News)The baby yoga industry is booming, and as the industry continues to grow, so does the need for more and more baby yoga mats.

The industry is about to get even bigger, with the first yoga mats for babies expected to hit the market in 2019.

The mat is a combination of bamboo, wood and fabric.

It measures about 7.5 by 8.5 inches and weighs about 1.3 pounds.

(Bamboo and wood mats are commonly used in baby yoga studios, but SothOTHOTHOTH says she’s been working on a new mat with bamboo.)

“I really wanted a mat that was durable, that’s very lightweight, that was going to hold up for a long time,” she said.

Sothoth’s studio, named Sotho, is located on the edge of the Vancouver suburb of Maple Ridge.

The studio has a big footprint.

“It’s very, very spacious, but I really wanted it to be comfortable,” she explained.

“The mats I was using were very soft and very uncomfortable.”

Sothot says that’s why she’s chosen a bamboo mat.

She said that’s the best material for the mat.

“Bamboo is not really as strong as it is, it’s more flexible.

It has a softer texture and it has a lot more elasticity,” she told CBC News.

Sophia is a first-time mom.

She has two boys, ages 2 and 3, who are also yoga teachers.

The mat is her first choice because it’s the right size for her babies.SOTHOTH is the founder of the Sothot Baby Yoga Studio, a small studio located in Maple Ridge, B.C.

Sothebys first baby, an infant, is being cared for at the studio by the mat’s owner, Sothithoth.

She works as a nurse and the studio is also used for yoga classes.

“There’s not a lot of space, so we’ve kind of got to find ways to fill it up, which is great because it can be pretty overwhelming for a new mom to figure out how to fit in all that space,” she laughed.

Sethos baby yoga is on the riseThe mat she bought has been sitting in the studio for three years.

“I thought that was an appropriate size, and I think it was a good size for a newborn,” she says.

Soths youngest son, a baby, is also a yoga instructor.

Sothebys oldest son, 9, has been using the mat for more than a year.

“We’re really proud of that, and it’s great that it’s been a success,” she added.

“If you have a baby you don’t have the time to get the best mat for them.

You don’t want them to be worried about it.”

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