The Times Of India, the national daily of India, has released a new chart detailing the best yoga poses for people of all ages, and how to do them.

The chart, released today by the yoga-loving magazine, includes the poses of many of India’s most popular yoga teachers.

It also includes poses for each body part and poses for men and women.

The Times of Indian, the state-run daily of the Indian government, has a long history of publishing popular yoga poses, which are the work of yoga teachers who have been teaching for a long time.

The magazine also publishes a chart for men that includes a chart showing the most popular male poses.

“We have decided to publish a new yoga pose chart in the newspaper for all age groups,” the Times of Indica, the daily, said in a statement.

“The charts are intended to be taken by yoga practitioners who have a long experience in yoga and have also published several yoga poses in magazines and online.”

The pose charts are created by the yogis themselves and include their yoga poses and poses with variations.

“The Times Of Indian said the chart also includes the most common yoga poses that have been practiced for centuries.

It also published an infographic showing the best poses for women and men and the poses for different body parts.

It was released in the wake of a slew of viral yoga videos in recent months showing yoga poses.

Some of the videos have been shared over a million times.

A yoga teacher from Delhi said the charts are a step towards making yoga accessible to all.”

It is not just about teaching yoga.

We are also trying to teach people about different health practices and health issues,” said Kavita Bhattacharya.

The yoga poses list, according to the Times Of Indica: 1.

Neck pose – poses a person sits down on the floor in front of a wall with a folded blanket.


Standing up pose – positions a person sitting on a cushion or a pillow on a floor.


Headstand pose – a person leans forward while on a chair.


Sitting pose – places the hands on the knees and holds a posture of one’s head down while holding the breath.


Pushing pose – puts one’s palms down on a seat and raises one’s upper body.


Standing on one’s knees – places one’s feet flat on the ground and holds an upright posture with one’s arms and legs spread apart.


Sitting in the middle – holds one’s legs in a horizontal position and holds the breath and shoulders together while holding one’s left hand above the right shoulder.


Standing with one foot on the cushion – holds the feet flat and places one hand on the top of the cushion while the other is on the back of the chair.


Walking on one foot – holds hands straight and holds one leg extended.


Sitting down on one knee – holds right leg straight and one hand behind the back while the left leg straightens to the side.


Standing by the foot – places hands on each foot and places a folded hand towel or a cushion between them.


Standing in the corner – places right leg on the right leg and holds left leg in a straight line while the right foot is on top of it. 13.

Standing straight – places left foot on top, and places the folded hand or blanket between them and puts the right hand over the left.


Standing and sitting on the same leg – places both feet flat while holding a straight posture.


Sitting on one leg – puts the folded hands or blanket on the opposite leg.


Sitting at the same height – places two hands on top and puts one hand in front and the other on the rear of the left hand.


Sitting by the back door – places folded hands in front or behind and places left hand on top while the folded leg is on either side of the right.


Sitting and sitting together – places legs on opposite sides of the back, holds hands up and places both hands in a diagonal line.


Sitting together – hands at the sides of head and knees – puts both hands on bottom and places hands flat on a bench.


Sitting side by side – places knees flat on back of legs and hands on either leg while placing both hands flat and place hands on a stool or cushion.


Standing at the back – places palms flat and holds hands flat while sitting in a relaxed posture.


Sitting with one leg straight – hands placed on top or behind, and holds both hands straight in front.


Sitting facing away from the body – places arms straight in back, puts both arms at the side of head, holds right hand on either shoulder.


Sitting straight – puts hands on both sides of body while placing hands flat.


Sitting face down on floor – places a hand towel on floor

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