The word yoga has become a buzzword in yoga studios and in the yoga community.

The term was coined in the late 1980s by a student named A.J. Anderson.

Anderson, a California native, had been studying yoga for over a decade and was inspired to create the word after a yoga class at a college he attended.

“I was looking for a term that was new and could be a little bit more inclusive, which meant I wanted something that was a little less technical and more casual,” he told Fox News.

“There’s a lot of yoga now, but it’s very technical and it’s also a lot more conservative.”

A.A. Anderson founded a yoga studio in his backyard.

He started with yoga poses in the backyard and eventually expanded to the studio.

Now, he offers a variety of yoga poses for people to practice and also sells yoga pants, yoga mats and yoga towels.

“People ask me, ‘Why does it say yoga poses?'” he said.

“Well, because it does.

It’s like yoga.

It takes a lot longer to learn than it does to practice.”

For some yoga classes, there are more poses than others.

“We’re trying to get more and more into the flexibility of what’s going on with your body,” Anderson said.

And there are no sets or guidelines for how many poses a person should be able to do.

“It’s up to you to figure out how you like to practice it,” he said of yoga.

Anderson said yoga poses vary by the person.

For example, a beginner might be working on a series of yoga moves with a few simple poses, but they might want to learn more poses with more complex poses.

The yoga studio he owns in his home has many different poses, and the studio has been a huge hit.

Anderson sells yoga classes on the internet, and he said he can get 20-50 students per class.

He says that the yoga studios are growing, but he says it will take time for yoga to catch on with more people.

“When we first opened the studio, I thought that we were going to have a big problem,” he recalled.

“What’s going to happen when yoga is in schools and is getting into the mainstream?

It’s not just going to be a niche thing.

It has to be something that everyone can benefit from.”

He said yoga was an easy way to start a personal journey.

“Everyone wants to find the most authentic, most natural and most beautiful yoga experience,” he explained.

“Yoga is a way to bring that to the world and connect people to each other.”

For more information on yoga, visit the Yoga Studio website or call 800-521-2525.

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