Sportswear brand Cork Yoga is now offering its yoga mats in a range of sizes and colours to help the community in Cork grow more comfortable with the new season.

The new range is designed to promote the comfort and ease of yoga in a variety of different ways, as well as encouraging people to come together to relax and celebrate together.

“This is a really important year to bring the yoga mats into the community, as there is a lot of work to do, and it is important for people to get together and enjoy the fun and activity,” said Cork Yoga Co-founder and Chief Executive, Dan O’Connor.

“Cork Yoga is always trying to make a positive difference and we wanted to do something to help bring the community together.

This year, we’ve done something really cool to celebrate the season, and this is a great opportunity to help make it a bit more fun, and for the community to come along and enjoy it too.”

The Cork Yoga mats come in various sizes and designs, which feature designs from various styles of yoga including Pilates, Pilates Routine, and the Cork Yoga Yoga mat.

“The Cork yoga mat is a unique design, which we hope people will recognise,” said Mr O’Connors Chief Marketing Officer, Tom O’Connell.

“It is not only a great idea, but a really good fit in with our brand, and people can wear it as a daily habit, or just as a simple thing to wear to the gym or for a quick break in the morning.”

The mats are available in five sizes and two colours, as shown below.

“We have two different designs of the Cork yogas mat.

The first one is a size 6, which is the smallest size we offer, and is designed with a mesh back that covers the lower part of the mat, while the second one is designed in the same size, but has a mesh on the bottom, and a plastic back,” explained Mr O.

O’Conn, “We also have the Corky Yoga mat, which has a different size than the others, but is designed so that the mesh is covering the lower half of the bottom portion of the pad, so that people can still sit comfortably.”

People will also be able to get their hands on Corky yoga mats from the Cork Store, and they will also have access to the new Cork Yoga mat for free.

“As the season comes to an end, the Cork Yogas mats will also become available at Cork Yoga Centers, as they have been in the community for a long time.

The Cork Yoga Center will also offer them for free.”

The size 6 Cork Yoga Mat is the size of a standard yoga mat and comes in four different sizes, from the standard yoga ball to the standard mat for a variety from women’s to men’s yoga.

“Our goal with Cork Yoga was to create a yoga mat that would be able not only to be used by people who are beginners, but also for people who want to learn and do more yoga.

So Cork Yoga has created a yoga ball for women’s yoga, and an all-in-one for men’s,” said Co-Founder and CEO Dan O.”

To do this, we have created a range that has all the different styles of the different yoga styles, with each of them having its own unique features.”

For a range in the sizes and styles of Cork Yoga, you can see a list of sizes here.

The Cork yogis mat is available in four colours, which are available from the first to the most expensive, from black to white, red to purple and green.

The colour palette is black, white, pink, blue and red, which gives the Cork mats a variety.

“In our yoga ball, we put the black and white on the top of the mesh, which makes it look really nice, and on the inside we put white, which means it’s going to look super classy and modern,” explained Co-founder and Chief Marketing Manager Tom O. “In the middle of the foam layer, we also put a blue mesh that is really functional for yoga, so you can use it as an absorbent, or as a mat to put your yoga balls on.”

If you want to get more specific about how it feels to wear the Cork mat, we will also give you some tips and tricks on how to fit it to your body.

“The colours are also available in the colour choices, which will give you a range from pink to purple, blue to white and red.

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