A yoga guru in South Korea has shared his spirituality and his beliefs in a YouTube video.

In the video, Choi Hyun-Joo said that while most people in the world do not worship a God, he believes that his spiritual practice is very important.

He also shared that he does not worship any other gods besides himself.

The video is the second time that Choi has shared something spiritual, as he has previously spoken about his spiritual awakening in the past.

Choi said that he came to a realization that the world is not only created by God, but it is also an illusion created by man.

“I am in the process of developing a new concept of religion.

I have learned a lot about spirituality.

I am not a religious person.

My spiritual practice does not require a deity, but I think that spirituality is important.

I feel a strong connection with the idea of a God,” he said.

In a statement on his website, Choi said, “There are so many religions that claim to be religions.

I think it is very hard to see that they are all lies.

It is a matter of faith.

It may not be possible to create a religion based on the word of God, and yet, people are still trying to find meaning in that word.

I hope I can create a meaning to people’s lives.

I will not be a part of any religion that does not serve its purpose.”

He continued, “The world is divided.

But it is not all of us that are divided.

My goal is to make people see that we are all connected.

I would like to bring people closer together, not to divide them.

I see a world in which religion is a tool for happiness, for harmony and for justice.”

He has been teaching yoga for nearly two decades, according to the South Korean news website Newsen.

Choi is one of the most famous teachers in South Asia, having taught in China, India and Thailand.

He is also a Buddhist.

The yoga guru has previously said that people in South Asian countries need to learn to use their body and breath to practice yoga.

“If you do not have a sense of body and breathing, your body and the energy of the body will not come out of your body.

If you do that, you can only do what your body allows you to do, and that is nothing but to relax your body to take a deep breath and the breath of a Buddha,” Choi said.”

When you can practice yoga, you get rid of your sense of worry, worry, and anxiety.

When you can get a sense, you feel peace.

You have a good body.”

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