Posted October 02, 2018 08:00:00In India, yoga is a spiritual practice and it is a yoga movement that aims to heal and improve our bodies and minds.

A yoga teacher has created an online fitness challenge called Yoga Pregnancy that asks women to practice a series of poses that includes hard yoga, which is a very serious pose that requires a lot of endurance.

The pose is considered extremely hard and has been practiced for hundreds of years, according to Yoga Guru Gurbash Shahan.

He has written a book called “Yoga Pregnancy”, which you can buy online, as well as a YouTube video that shows you the basics of the pose.

“Yoga is a powerful movement.

It is very deep, and it has to be practiced with great endurance,” Shahan said.”

It is the hardest, and when I was practicing, I was afraid of dying from the pain.”

Shahan, who is based in India, is not the first yoga teacher to take the yoga challenge.

Last year, a British yoga teacher took the challenge and found a way to get a lot out of it.

Shashi Jha, who has also taught in India and the UK, says the challenge is more challenging because the poses are so difficult to practice.

“I thought that yoga is about deep breathing, and you have to be very careful and practiced.

And this challenge is a challenge that you have not practiced,” he said.

Jha says the challenges are a challenge for everyone, and for some people, it may be difficult to stay focused.

“The difficulty of the poses is not just a physical thing.

It’s about being very disciplined in how you breathe.

And it’s also about not being distracted by what people are saying and seeing,” he explained.

He says the yoga poses are a lot different than yoga class.

“There is no yoga class to do the yoga, you need to do it yourself, which takes more time and effort,” he told ABC News.

Shahans book, Yoga Pregnata, is available online for $39.99, and is available for pre-order at the yoga shop in New York City.

In addition to the books, the yoga teacher also has a website,, which shows you how to perform the poses.

“Pregnancy Yoga Poses” is a series where you do four yoga poses.

You are asked to sit down on the floor, bend your knees, and move your hips up and down.

The poses are difficult because you are bending and twisting your body, which means you are also bending and rotating your spine.

Shahan says he has to stay very mindful of the way you breathe, and he is constantly learning.

“Every day, I have to keep practicing, because there are some days I get a little bit tired,” he continued.

“So every day I do the pose with my eyes closed, and I have the intention of doing yoga for as long as possible,” he added.

Shahi said the poses help heal the body and help women to stay healthy.

“They’re not just about looking good, but also about helping to feel better,” he stressed.

Shashi said he thinks the poses work well with women who are at high risk of pregnancy, but he adds that it is important for women who may not have access to a yoga studio.

“We need to understand that it’s not just yoga for women, and women are also a big group of people that are vulnerable to this type of pose,” he says.

Shaheen says the poses were created to help women practice yoga, but it is not necessarily for women at high risks of pregnancy.

“You should practice yoga for a lot more than just the yoga that you’re currently doing.

You should practice for a longer period of time,” he adds.

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