Cosmic Kids Yoga will be a class taught by “Cosmic Children” at the Space Needle.

The class, which will take place at the space on September 13, will include yoga, meditation and music lessons, with the intent of teaching kids about science, nature and the cosmos.

“We’re taking a lot of inspiration from science fiction and mythology, and the idea of the cosmos and everything it’s about,” Cosmic Kids founder and yoga instructor Chris Rolfes told Mashable.

“And we’re really excited to be able to bring it to life in a space that’s open to all and accessible to everyone.”

The class will also feature a workshop on the art of yoga.

Rolfs and his wife, Heather, will also host the event in collaboration with the space.

Ralfes said that the space was inspired by the theme of a science fiction novel, “The Martian,” and that the goal of the event is to create a place where everyone can be inspired by science and nature and enjoy the natural world around them.

Rufus, a character from the “Mars Trilogy,” is an artist who creates life-sized figurines of himself.

Rolphs said that he hoped to create an experience where kids can come together to explore and explore with other kids, rather than being told what to do or told what not to do.

“If you’re really open to the world, you can learn about it, you’ll discover new things, you might discover something new,” he said.

The event will be held in conjunction with the annual Space Needles Art Fair.

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