I know yoga is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable way to unwind, but sometimes the idea of doing a yoga pose can be a bit overwhelming.

Here are some of my favorite yoga poses to get you in the spirit of yoga.1.

Triangle Pose: Take your palms facing down, with your thumbs bent over.

You should feel your hips and knees in line with your torso, as you bend over, and then your hips should go back to their normal position.

Hold this pose for about 20 seconds and breathe in and out as you go.

If you feel a bit of tension in your hips, your torso should return to its normal position before relaxing back to its usual position.2.

Push Up Pose: Place your hands behind your back, palms facing up.

Your feet should be pointing forward and your back arched, and your hips are bent over in a push up.

This pose should be held for at least 20 seconds.3.

Bend-Over Pose: Sit with your knees bent and feet apart, facing forward.

Keep your back straight as you lift your body off the floor.

Hold for about five seconds and relax back to your normal position, keeping your spine straight.4.

Yoga Catwalk: Lie on your stomach on a catwalk, with knees slightly bent.

Hold your hands out behind you, and keep your torso straight as your legs slowly roll forward and you slowly bend over.5.

Hanging Bend-over Pose: Bend your back over, placing your hands on either side of your hips.

Place your feet about five inches apart.

Hold the pose for 10 to 15 seconds.6.

Hiking Pose: Stand on a rope with your feet on either end, with both knees bent at 90 degrees.

Place both hands on your hips at the top of your feet, keeping both arms and hips in a “Y” shape.

Hold and breathe.7.

Stairwalker Pose: Extend your arms out behind your head, reaching up and out with your palms touching the floor, and lift your torso toward the ceiling.

Hold until you feel your back and shoulders return to normal.8.

Sassy Pose: In a seated position, stand on a yoga mat or cushion, placing one foot on each hip.

Hold in a wide-grip position for 30 seconds.9.

Back Yoga: Place a cushion under your feet and hold your upper back in a slight flexed position.

Repeat for about 30 seconds, as your hips slowly return to their natural position.10.

Standing Pose: Lay on your back on a chair or yoga mat, with feet facing forward and legs spread apart.

Bend your arms behind your body, and sit in a supine position.11.

Reverse-Hands-Up Pose: Lift your hands above your head and place your palms down on the floor in a 90-degree angle.

Hold it for 10 seconds, breathing in and in as you exhale.12.

Yoga Lying Down: Lay flat on your side, with the palms facing forward on a cushion or a mat.

Lay your legs straight and your feet off the ground.

Place one hand on each thigh.


Yoga Pose: Lie flat on the ground, with palms facing out, with legs bent at a 90 degree angle.

Bend over and place both hands down at the base of your back.

Hold each pose for five to ten seconds.14.

Sissy Pose: Hold the back of your hand on the top half of your palm, then lower your hand toward your belly.

Place the palms in front of your chest, facing up toward your nose.

Hold, and breathe for 10-15 seconds.15.

Sticky Pose: Start with your hands together in front and hold it for five seconds.

Slowly lower the hands toward your waist and place them in front as you breathe in.16.

Hip-Shoulder Bend-Up: Bend forward with your arms at your sides and lower yourself down until your back is upright.

Lower back down until you reach the base, then slowly bend your arms to your sides until you have your hips straight.

Hold at the same time.17.

Pose for the Body: Lie in a comfortable position, with either feet flat on a mat or floor.

Place a towel or blanket on your lower back, and hold the pose until you relax.18.

Standing Dog Pose: Position yourself with your right knee slightly bent, and knees bent over the mat or ground.

Hold while breathing in.19.

Dog Pose for a Pet: Sit on a pet’s front, with a leg up on a small box.

Place paws on the box to keep them out of the way.

Hold pose for 5 to 10 seconds.20.

Dog Sit-Down Pose: Spread your legs apart, placing the feet flat in front.

Keep the head up and the nose out of view.

Hold 30 seconds and then breathe in as your belly comes up and you relax back into the pose.21.

Yoga Dog Pose-Dog-sit: Sit in

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