The first time I tried to make my own yoga mats was in 2010, when I got a yoga mat from my dad for Christmas. 

The mat was made from a cheap cheap material: scrap bamboo. 

It was not that I could not make my mat. 

I had used it to make mats for a couple of years, and it had the same quality as the bamboo mats I had bought from my local garden centre. 

But I had no idea what to do with it. 

Then I saw this article about yoga mats. 

There were lots of reviews and I was convinced that I had made the right choice. 

What I didn’t realise was that it had a few things in common with me: 1) I was already a mat maker, and had never been to a yoga studio. 

2) I had a very simple idea of how to make the mat.

3) The mats were inexpensive, which meant that I didn´t have to spend much money. 

And 4) I wanted to use the mats for my classes. 

 But what I didn?t realise was the other thing: I needed a mat to use as a mat for my yoga classes. 

Because my classes are mostly in the middle of the night, the mats are very light. 

When I was learning to make mat mats for the first time, I had to learn how to position them, and what to use them for. 

If I had not been able to make a mat from scratch, I would have had to start again from scratch. 

 My teacher at the time, who was a yoga teacher herself, suggested I take a mat made from cheap bamboo and apply some of the techniques she taught to it. 

 After a couple months, I found that the mats I made worked quite well for me, and my classes got a lot more people moving. 

This blog post is the first in a series of posts that will help you to make your own yoga mat using the principles of the Yoga Mats blog. 

Here are some simple tips to make you feel confident about how to start making your own mat: Choose the right material. 

Don’t spend a fortune. 

Choose your material carefully, and keep in mind that the materials you choose will vary depending on the size of your mat and the way you use the mat to position your body. 

For example, a mat that is 1cm wide and 4cm high might be a good choice for beginners or those who want to make an extra large mat to fit into a larger space. 

Also, be aware of the different types of mats: a. bamboo mats, b. polypropylene mats, c. bamboo balls, d. bamboo teflon mats, e. bamboo fabric mats, f. plastic mats. 

 Use your imagination. 

Think of different things you might use the material for.

For example, you might want to use it to decorate your mat when you are doing yoga, to make cushions for your yoga mats when you have classes, or to decorates a mat when your students are coming to class. 

Try to find something you love using it for, such as your yoga balls. 

Be creative. 

Some mats are used to make bamboo mats.

Other mats are made to make soft cushions or mats.

For some mats, the materials might be used for various purposes:  to make carpet for the mat when it is placed over a mat or a mat wall, or mats for seating when the mat is placed on a table. 

You will need to decide which materials you want to put into your mat, and how many. 

In my case, I decided to make 2 mats to be used as mats for yoga classes: a bamboo mat for seating purposes and a mat with polyprophene mats for cushioning purposes. 

Step 1: Choose your material! 

When choosing your material, be sure to choose something that is light enough to sit on, but strong enough to hold your body in place. 

Many people recommend bamboo for its strength, but if you have a little experience in yoga mats, you will be able to find mats with a more natural material such as polypropane. 

A good rule of thumb is that you should choose mats that are lighter than other mats for sitting purposes.

You will find that mats made from bamboo are lighter, so if you are looking for mats that will hold your weight, you should go for bamboo mats and mats made of other materials. 

My first choice was a bamboo mats made by my local yoga studio: $4 for 1.5m (This is a bit of an overkill, but you get what you pay for). 

This mats was a good option for me. 

Although I was still a novice at the start, I was very happy with it, and felt very comfortable using it to sit down on during my classes and for yoga. 

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