By KYLE JOHNSONThe yoga outlet at Danskin Yoga in North Hollywood has been serving as a model for yoga therapy for mental health patients.

The yoga studio in Los Angeles has been providing clients with access to a variety of techniques including yoga, mindfulness and mindfulness meditation.

A yoga therapist with the business, Kunal Nagarajan, said clients have benefited from using the studio’s tools to develop self-confidence, and a lot of patients have been able to relax in their yoga classes and have their minds free of the stress of the day.

“The first time I was there for a mental health client, she was struggling with her anxiety, she needed a break from it,” Nagarjan said.

“She felt a lot better when I was talking to her and talking about the yoga and meditation.

She felt much more comfortable in her yoga class, and she started to feel more confident and she wasn’t struggling with anxiety anymore.”

The yoga shop is part of the growing trend of yoga studios providing mental health services.

The trend is growing, and it’s part of a broader push to address mental health issues in the entertainment industry.

“There’s a lot more than just yoga,” said Lisa DeGuzman, founder and CEO of Yoga Bliss in Los Feliz, California, which is a nonprofit that offers yoga classes to help people who suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions.

“They’re also doing all kinds of things with meditation and yoga to support their relationships, their mental health, their wellness, and to give people tools to manage their stress,” DeGuzman said.

She said she sees a lot that yoga can be a powerful tool to help individuals with mental health needs.

“It’s not just about yoga,” she said.

“It’s about the way we relate to each other.”

The Danskins Yoga Studio offers a range of classes for people with a variety aof their symptoms, such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD and post traumatic stress disorder.

“We also have classes that address more specific needs,” Nagaryan said, such in helping clients deal with chronic pain, chronic illness and trauma.

“So we work with those who need help with their pain, we work in their transition, we talk about what they need to do to deal with their trauma,” she added.

Danskin offers classes in yoga, meditation and mindfulness, along with classes for families.

“As you can imagine, the kids love it, the moms love it.

The kids love the teacher and the instructor loves the kids,” she explained.

The store has also been providing workshops on mental health and anxiety to the community, and now the Danskys offer yoga classes on a daily basis.

“Our hope is that people with depression and anxiety are able to learn more about the techniques that are available in the studio, and we can provide them with the support that they need so that they can stay healthy,” Nagayana said.

Nagarajan said the yoga studio is a model that’s become a model in other industries, as well.

“People are starting to realize that there are more options than yoga classes,” she laughed.

“We’re starting to see a lot now that there is more variety and that there’s more opportunities than yoga.”

The business has also expanded to serve other communities, and the studio is planning to expand to other states as well soon.

“One of our clients who was going to go into therapy has decided that she’s going to do yoga instead of therapy,” Nagasana said, adding that it’s the perfect solution for people who want to find out more about yoga.

“She really wanted to know what’s the difference between yoga and therapy, and what’s really important about yoga.”

For more information, visit or call 866-634-9988.

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