The yoga world is all about diversity, so how can you be a better yoga teacher?

A lot of yoga teachers have struggled to find their identity within the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

They’ve often been the target of criticism for what they claim to be “homophobic” or “sexist.”

But some yoga teachers are coming forward to share their struggles.

Here are 10 things that are essential to be a great yoga teacher.1.

Be a lesbian, queer, and/or transgender personYou need to be able to see yourself in your students.

A good yoga teacher will be able take the time to look at your students and feel comfortable speaking to them without judgment.

You don’t need to make a statement of how you think about sexuality or gender in your classes.

You can be as inclusive as possible.

If your students are questioning their sexuality, talk about their sexuality.

Don’t be afraid to ask them if they’re okay with being in your class, even if they don’t like it.2.

Be an inclusive teacherThis is an important part of being a good yoga instructor.

The more inclusive your class is, the better your students will feel about you.

You should also treat everyone equally.

When it comes to sexuality, you can’t force someone to be comfortable with who they are.

It’s up to them to be confident enough to be in the class.

It also doesn’t matter what gender they identify as or where they come from.

Be aware of the way you’re teaching and respect the ways your students choose to practice.

You’ll be teaching better and more effectively when you’re open to learning from others who aren’t afraid to speak up and be seen as being a part of the class community.3.

Be mindful of genderqueer students and how to help them feel comfortableBeing a yoga teacher is a lifelong commitment.

Be thoughtful about how you treat your students as a whole, and make sure you’re not teaching them things that make them feel uncomfortable.

If you notice that a student is coming out of a yoga class, talk to them about their experience and how it can help them.

When a student’s experience is different from your own, try to support them as they transition to a more comfortable way of practicing.4.

Know when to stopBeing mindful of your students’ experiences and your own body can help you keep your mind open.

You might have thought you were teaching a yoga course about meditation or body awareness, but there are many more areas where yoga can be used.

You need to find areas where you can teach without having to worry about your students being uncomfortable.

When yoga is used to help you learn, you’re also teaching yourself, so you can be more comfortable with your own bodies and the people around you.5.

Listen to your students when they’re talking about their experiences.

Listen, learn, and share with your students the truth that they are being told and the way they’re feeling.

Be open and honest when discussing any issues they have with your yoga.

You’re also likely to find out more about your yoga practice when you hear about other people’s experiences.

If you are an experienced yoga teacher and you want to share what it’s like to teach, please visit our article on How to be an Effective Teacher to learn more.

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