Posted August 05, 2018 09:56:10In a post shared by JADE Yoga in its Instagram account, the company explained that the program “will help you develop the physical and mental health you need to get through your busy schedule and achieve your dreams.”

In addition to yoga classes, the group offers yoga classes for women, yoga classes that emphasize flexibility and posture, and an art class.

“The yoga classes are great for both genders and offer great practice in a variety of positions,” the post read.

“We have classes for men, women, and children.”

The post also detailed the program’s schedule, including classes at the beginning of the week, after school, during the summer, and after school weekends.

According to JADE, the program is a one-hour program and it is free of charge.

“The yoga is designed to be a way to improve the quality of life in a relaxed environment, and is meant to enhance your overall health and wellness,” the company wrote.

According the company, yoga is a great option for women who want to lose weight, lose fat, or stay fit, but are not comfortable with traditional classes.

“It is a new movement for women and is one that is unique to India,” said a spokesperson for JADE.

“Ashtanga is a traditional yoga that focuses on body flexibility, posture, flexibility of the hips and shoulders, and balance.

It is an art and dance class, and the yoga is meant for women of all ages.”

In a separate post, the yoga group also announced a contest for new members, which will award the best yoga class.

“Our community will get to vote on who will win a yoga class,” the group said.

“All the classes will be given at the same time so you can see how you match up to the competition and get a chance to win!”

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