Yoga mats, yoga poses, yoga pants, yoga clothes: the yoga mat trend is a hot one right now.

But there’s a new contender to the throne, and it’s called the yoga mats.

And it looks a little different than most of the other yoga products on the market.

In fact, the company behind the new yoga mat, Kip, is going out of business.

“It’s a product that we built to meet the needs of yoga studios and the needs that yoga studios want,” Kip CEO David Kip told CNNMoney.

The company’s new yoga mats, which come in two sizes, come in black, white, red, and blue.

The black mat is $45, and the white mat is only $30.

(You can find more of the products on Kip’s website for about $60.)

In addition to being comfortable and durable, the mats also come with a variety of yoga poses and a variety to learn.

(They also come in three different styles: one for beginner, one for advanced, and one for beginners.)

The company has released a YouTube video demonstrating all of the yoga poses you can learn on the mats.

Kip sells the mats in stores, online, and through Amazon.

What does Kip offer that other yoga mats can’t?

Kip has made the mat a full-service studio, so the company is able to offer classes on the mat at no extra cost to the yoga studio.

The mats also feature a built-in microphone, a yoga mat controller, and a yoga monitor that can record your progress.

That means that if you need to take a break and recharge, you can recharge the mat with an electric outlet and you’ll still be able to access the mats through the studio.

And if you don’t feel like taking a break, you don´t have to.

The Kip yoga mat can also be used as a massage chair.

Kips yoga mat is designed to be placed on a table or other surface and is designed for comfort and ease of use.

The company is also going to be rolling out a yoga studio version of its yoga mat for a couple of years.

This version of the mat will have a slightly different design and functionality.

For example, the Kip mat is not designed to have a removable top, which is a popular feature on other mats.

Instead, it will have two sides of the top that are removable.

And the Kips mat will also be available in a range of colors.

Kip also sells yoga mats online, which means you can buy one for $40, and another for $55.

You can also purchase the KIP mats in a variety different colors and styles.

This is Kip´s first product that can be found online, so it’s no surprise that the company plans to sell more products as time goes on.

As for how well Kip works with yoga studios, Kips founder and CEO David said the company has a lot of experience with studios and that they are happy with how the mats have been received.

“The studios really appreciate it,” Kips CEO David told CNN.

“They really feel it.

They really want it.

We really do, too.”

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